Tony Shooshani

by Aria International

Prior to joining Aria, Tony had already become part owner is world renowned stallion Enzo. Tony had approached Jeff Sloan about a potential collaboration and when the RH Triana partnership developed, Jeff knew that Tony would make a great addition to the team. Tony says “I’ve been getting more and more into it, and I love it more and more. When I met Jeff we realized that we had a shared vision for how to be successful in Arabian horses. Jeff has a lifelong base of experience and wisdom, passion, and a phenominal record in owning or leasing and then managind some of the breed’s icons.” Tony’s positive and passionate energy is a wonderful addition to the Aria Partnerships, Tony says it best “I believe if you are passionate about what you do, success will follow.”

Tony takes part in the following partnerships in The Aria Collection

Truest Partners, LLC
Triana Holdings, LLC

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