Norm Pappas

by Aria International

Norm Pappas is from Bloomfield, Michigan and has known Jeff Sloan for more than 20 years. Norm has mutual business activities with Jeff. “Jeff is an interesting guy with terrific ideas and a tireless dedication to make them happen. A few months ago Jeff was in my office discussing a new venture. He got a call and said he needed a few minutes to take it – it was ‘important.’ I couldn’t help but hear him discussing an Arabian mare. When he hung up I aske him what it was all about, and by the end of our meeting I found myself par owner of my first Arabian horse – RH Triana!”

Norm attended his first Arabian horse show in February 2015, The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. “It became clear to me while at the Scottsdale show that Triana is all that Jeff said she was, and more. I loved my first Arabian horse show experience and how welcoming and congratulatory people were in supporting our entry into the breed. Along with my partners Jamies and Tony, I feel incredibly fortunate to have this great mare as our first purchase. Jeff comes from a great family and has established an equally great new family of his own with his wife Andrea. My wife Susie and I are very proud to be a part of their extended Arabian horse family!”

Norm Pappas takes part in the following partnerships in The Aria Collection

  • NJ Arabian Horse Ventures, LLC
  • Truest Partners, LLC
  • Triana Holdings, LLC
  • Quintessa Partners, LLC
  • Julianna Partners, LLC
  • Impresario Partners, LLC
  • Art Dekko Partners, LLC

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